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Atomos Sumo 19″

SUMO is an advanced 19″ monitor recorder from Atomos. It combines not only a calibrated HDR monitor (1920×1080) with 1200nit brightness and 10+ stops of dynamic range, but also a recorder capable of recording 4K material in 12bit RAW and 10bit 422 ProRes/DNxHR as well as live switcher, which greatly facilitates the process of working with video materials.
This versatile, high-quality production monitor allows users to instantly view recorded content in HDR quality while working in the studio, or use Sumo with laptops as an additional monitor for grading or editing in the field. The live switcher features allow you to switch in real time between four 1080/60p channels while simultaneously recording 4 x ISO channels and mixing live recording with cut-ins, transitions, direct cuts.

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